Art(ist)serv is a proactive response to the growing need for professional services supporting artists, especially those early in their careers.  Artists are the key to a strong arts community and local economy. Simply put artists are the most important demographic of the industry and should be the focus of our efforts.  I focus on helping artists in Arizona. This arts community has been under-served and under-supported, as have many artists and arts communities nationwide.

Arizona is home to an extremely diverse and vibrant art community, often showing in the dwindling number of galleries and really anywhere they possibly can as the physical art market changes.  Many artists have found it difficult to begin or sustain their careers in Arizona and therefore moved on to other cities or gave up, resulting in a continuous depletion of talent.  My main goal is to help support and sustain an army of professional artists living and working in Arizona that will result in a deeply rooted community for the long-term future.

You can go to workshops or take classes that tell you what to do, but I work with you to teach you while implementing the strategies we build together!

I am the founder of art(ist)serv, Justin Germain, with over 14 years of experience working in the arts industry in the Phoenix area.  I earned my BA and MA in Art History from Arizona State University where I studied the nuances of exhibiting and marketing contemporary art.  I later expanded my knowledge with a Masters degree in Administration focusing on arts related business, marketing, and politics.  Professionally, I worked under the renowned gallerist Polly Larsen, of the internationally acclaimed Larsen Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ and took on a leadership role in the re-launch of Shade Projects with local lumineer Wayne Rainey while serving as the Chief Curator and Art Program Director at the monOrchid in Phoenix.

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My experience provides a vast insight on how to properly market artists and manage art businesses to successful results.  More recently, I expanded my knowledge into the world of digital marketing and public relations, which I believe are two critical areas that arts businesses can harness more effectively.

If you are an artist struggling to kickoff your career or advance to the next level I can help!  I provide one on one consultations to assess your needs and then we build your success from there.  I am blunt and honest with my opinions about your operations in order to make your business grow; your success is my number one goal!


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