SUMMER: Time to get shows!

Well, I don’t know about you but I am in the dogs days here in AZ.  We have already had 120 degree days and now that it is July it has cooled off a bit, but now it gets muggy, although I love when out apocalyptic monsoon storms start… But, vacation is over and now I am back at looking at my upcoming projects and prioritizing, getting ready for the upcoming season.

So, what do you do as an artist in the summer?  Do you take time off from creating, get some R&R, and recharge the batteries?  I hope so, we all need it!  But it is also a great time to plan your year, start looking for Fall exhibitions to apply for, renew your written materials, photograph new work, update your website, etc.

I have you covered!  Review my blog posts to help with ideas about writing, web, and marketing! If you need customized help contact me immediately and we can get started updating anything you need! Check out the CALLS FOR ART page to see upcoming deadlines and prepare those applications! And definitely don’t forget to apply for the NEW AZ ART show I am curating at the Walter Art Gallery in Scottsdale this September!  Selected artists will have work installed at the gallery and featured in my online virtual Thermal.Gallery.  Its kind of a big deal 😉 and we had a very generous sponsorship donation so we have deleted the review fee!!

Looking forward to seeing those applications and your new work! Stay cool and get ready for a busy season!

  • Justin Germain

New Thermal Gallery logo

Today I am introducing a new logo for Thermal Gallery.  Some may recognize it from a few years back when I used it for the original THERMAL PHX exhibition at the monOrchid.

The original logo was designed by local artist Larry Willis and has been retouched for its new life.

Check it out and click on it to visit the Thermal Gallery page on our site!

  • Justin Germain

Thermal Gallery Logo

Grand Opening of THERMAL Gallery!


THERMAL Gallery, presented by Art(ist)serv, features artwork by early-career Arizona artists. The goal of the gallery is to promote the vibrant, diverse, talented, and under-served Arizona art community nationally and internationally.

Mr. Paul is a native Arizonan inspired by the spectacular sunsets of his home state and modern abstraction. He finds nature’s abstract paintings in the sky and captures them digitally. The prints are mounted on panels and finished with a layer of encaustic wax.