Hello all and welcome to art(ist)serv!  I am so excited about this new journey for myself and all of you who choose to follow.  People have been asking me why I decided to start this business a lot lately.  It really is simple… I am passionate about my city, I love Phoenix, I am a native Arizonan living in the Valley of the Sun for 16 years now and have no plans of leaving (well maybe for the summers eventually).  I love the arts community here, thankfully I have had the opportunity to work with our great artists for quite a few years now and it is major part of my life and my heart.  I want my “job” to be helping the people, the businesses, and the city I care about grow and prosper, so I took inventory of what I believe I can bring to the table and will of course benefit me as well as those that I work with and here we are!

I chose to launch as we head into Art Detour 27 weekend because I feel the energy ever year at this time and it is so inspiring.  I will be visiting as many spaces as I can on Sunday to prepare for my first round of exhibition reviews and getting to know more artists.  Hope to see you out there!

I am in the midst of editing my first major post for the blog.  Be forewarned, it is not the highly edited, concise, structured article that many of you would normally expect from me.  It is a bit of a rant, slightly soap-boxish, and conversational.  It may even seem aggressive to some, possibly even poorly written but I have been working on it for a bit and I think it relays some importance and urgency… so it is what it is and will of course be followed by my known eloquent prose….

Happy Arting!

– Justin


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